Atlantic Salmon Bowl

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Grilled Atlantic Salmon with mixed greens, tomato, Hass avocado, Aged Gouda, and your choice of Quinoa and/or Rice with Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce on the side. 

Atlantic Salmon is a rich fish, full of flavor, Omega-3, Protein, Vitamins A, B12 and D. At Meat N' Bone we pride ourselves in selling the best product at each price point. 

It is farmed in Chile, in by professional aquaculturists (the seafood equivalent of agriculturists) and veterinarians.

All aspects are controlled and regulated for quality and consistency. Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon is available year-round while fresh Wild Salmon is only available during the summer.

Approximately ninety percent of Wild Salmon is caught from May through September. Because millions of fish are processed in such a short period of time and consistency and quality of fresh wild salmon can vary, most wild salmon is sold canned, frozen, or smoked.