Hakuryu "White Dragon" | Daiginjo Sake 300ml

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This is a fruity, soft, full and round sake.

Hakuryu “White Dragon” is made by Hakuryu Shuzo which is owned by Shirai family and was founded in 1839. They also ran a very successful transportation business. The sake business was named after the imaginary animal - Hakuryu or White Dragon - that is a guardian for marine transportation.

Made from Yamada Nishiki and Takanenishiki rice polished to Daiginjo quality level of 40%, using underground water from Agano - fukuryuusui. This sake has won Gold Medals for the last 14 consecutive years at the Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium.
It is deliciously fruity, soft, round and smooth with hint of white pepper on the finish.



  • Daiginjo
  • Yamada Nishiki + Tankane Nishiki 40%
  • Yeast: Kyokai #9
  • ABV: 16.5%
  • SMV +5
  • Acidity 1.0
  • AA 0.5