Blue Crab Bowl

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5 oz Indonesian Blue Crab in fresh lime and ciboulette with mixed greens, tomato, Hass avocado, Aged Gouda, and your choice of Quinoa and/or Rice with Wasabi sauce on the side. 

Blue Crab presents a delicate, sweet flavor, firm texture and snowy white color. What makes this particular brand special is their commitment to quality  (They only use  the largest muscle pieces from the crab’s back two main body cavities) and sustainability. 

They are part of the FIP Crab's council and make every effort to go beyond what is required and do what's right because it's the right thing to do.


Blue Swimming Crab is good for you. A 3 oz. serving of crab has just 60 calories and is high in protein. Plus, crabs are rich in B12, zinc, copper and antioxidants such as sellenium.